Marble - Light Green to Vitriol

Marble - Light Green to Vitriol

Natural stone Marble is an exquisite combination of style and elegance in topping and decorating purposes. Luxurious and naturally detailed, Marble adds glamour to any living space. Popular in hallways, kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms, it's ideal for frequently-used areas. In marble, very extraordinary inlay work can be done as per the requirement of different design and pattern. The well-known “Tajmahal” is built up with this technique of inlay stonework. 

Product specifications:

Function:   Waterproof, Wear-Resistant, Soundproof, Decoration
Surface Finishing:     Polished
Cutting VC
Colour:  Light Green to Vitriol
Application:   Countertops, shower surrounds, accent walls, artistic floors, slabs, tiles, solid basins and sinks, water jet inserts, other design features throughout homes and commercial properties
Used for:  Hallway, Kitchen, Bathroom, Living room, Conservatory, Study
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